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TYPES: Flat/Incline/Decline

BENCHES Early in the development of our new VTX bench, we committed ourselves to designing something original - not some copycat, cookie-cutter piece everyone has. It had to be versatile and fully functional, with user-friendly features and most of all UNIQUE. It would also have to be VTX quality while still being attractively priced. All the standard features of an F.I.D bench are there with an added (4) hook system to add resistance bands to your workouts.




VTX Flat/Incline/Decline Bench 


Product Dimensions:

Product/Shipping weight : 75 lbs

Product Options:

Available In: Charcoal Grey

Product Description:
VTX has a new FID Bench for vertical market use that adjusts to accommodate your workout. The VTX bench features a unique (4) hook system for optional band use, wheels on the back for easy transport, High-density foam padding for comfortable yet sturdy workout and a simple (2) piece assembly. 

     Flat - Incline– 80º,
        Seat adjust
        Wider footprint for increased stability
        Unique hook system to take your workout to a new level
       Transport Wheels
       Rubber feet to protect floors

Horizontal: LxWxH 4 feet and 3.77 inches X 1 foot 1.5 inches X 1 foot 6 inches

Vertical: LxWxH  3 feet an 3.77 inches X 2 feet 2.8 inches X 4 feet and 3.9 inches

Weight 75 pounds


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